1)  I will continue to add new fundraisers each month, so please check back often.

2)   A Mother's Love cookbook fundraiser will be available by the end of the year. I am requesting recipes from my clients which will be printed in the cookbook. In exchange for your recipes, you will receive a free cookbook with submission of an order for 10 books.  Or you can receive a discount on purchasing a cookbook, if you are not interested in the fundraiser, but would still like a cookbook. The percentage of the discount is yet to be determined. Please e-mail with your favorite recipe.  Please list your name, city and state, which will be printed in the cookbook.  Thank You.

3)  I specialize in adoption and infertility fundraisers, but I also offer the exact same fundraisers to schools, day cares, organizations, clubs and any other type of non profit groups.  In addition I also offer these same fundraisers to individuals with special needs such as medical costs, etc.  All of the fundraisers offered by A Mother's Love are available to individuals and non profit groups.

4)  I just received my first refund request after four years of being in business. Please note no refund requests for fundraising packets will be honored, regardless, if they are sent back.  Due to the catalogs that are updated peiodically I can't accept any packets back.  Also, there is a great deal of time invested in putting a packet togther, therefore, the packet fee is non refundable.  If you change your mind about fundraising after you request the packet, please pass the information along to someone else that can use it.  Thank you for your cooperation.

5)  Please note a $25.00 fee for any bounced checks will be charged.  Also, any orders submitted that don't meet the minimums will be held until further orders are received. Refunds will not be issued. 

6)  Any of the fundraising items listed on my website are also sold individually.

7) Please note due to the delicate nature of the scratch cards, they are non refundable.