Receive 11 scratch cards for Free!  Purchase 10 cards and receive the 11th one free!  That is worth $100.00 FREE!  This $100.00 you receive allows you to recoup your money for the 10 scratch cards and receive them free of charge!

Each scratch card is $90.00 profit.  This is immediate profit. 

The way they work is you would ask people to scratch off one of more spaces and donate to your fundraiser. 

The donations they will uncover will range from 50 cents to $3.00.  Once the card is completely scratched off, you will collect $100.00.  That is yours to keep.  Since each card costs $10.00, your profit is $90.00 per card.  Donators are given a coupon sheet from national sponsors as a thank you. 

There is no minimum you have to purchase.  If you purchase 5 or more cards shipping is free.  If you purchase 4 or less at one time, there is a shipping fee of $5.60. All cards are sent with delivery confirmation, to verify that are received.


Many of my clients that intend to raise a lot of money with this particular fundraiser, purchase several scratch cards and then us a portion of the profit to purchase additional ones.  That way you are not laying money out of your pocket, which defeats the purpose.

Promotion expires December 31st, 2013:   For every 10 cards purchased receive the 11th one free!  This is $100.00 FREE and allows you to actually recoup your money on the 10 scratch cards, so they are actually free of charge! 

2nd Promotion:  Purchase 25 cards or more and receive them at a reduced rate.  This offer is not valid with the first promtion.  Contact me for pricing.

To Place your order for scratch cards please e-mail me at

Payment may be made via PayPal, using this same e-mail address, or send a check or money order to 

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